Year round Freight service
Coastline Freight provides year round scheduled freight transportation services to and from the Fire Island communities of Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove.
PEAPOD Groceries
Coastline is happy to provide you with all your peapod delivery needs.
Above and Beyond
Let Coastline Freight help you make the most of your time at Fire Island.
Seasonal Parking
Looking for long term parking for the season... click below for information.
Secure daily parking
per day
per day

House Deliveries

Coastline Freight can conveniently and efficiently deliver directly to your house Monday through Friday and Saturdays in the summer.
(631) 563-1997


Not quite ready for all of your stuff at Fire Island? Coastline Freight can store it for you in our 7,000 square foot warehouse. Call for a quote.
(631) 563-1997

Charter Service

Freight deliveries to Davis Park or Water Island may be available through a charter. Call us to see if we can help meet your freight needs.
(631) 563-1997
Bay front barge service
Coastline Freight can deliver, by barge, right up to the bulkhead of your bay front
house or closest walkway. There is no need to transport your freight down the beach when it can be placed directly on your property. Please call the office for quotes and scheduling of our bay front barge service.
(631) 563-1997
Fire wood
In stock and ready for next day delivery. Seasoned, split, delivered and stacked where you want it. Call Coastline Freight for prices today.
(631) 563-1997